Adam J. Trott, Architect

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Erie, Pennsylvania  16501

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  PLACE "Restoring a Healthy Interrelationship with Nature"

01  Limits to Growth

02  Urban Agriculture

03  Habitat Exchange

04  Human Powered Living


WATER "Creating Developments that Operate Within the Water Balance of a Given Place and Climate"


05 Net Positive Water

GY "Relying  Only on Current Solar Income"

06  Net Positive Energy


TH & HAPPINESS "Creating Environments that Optimize Physical and Psychological Health and Well-being"

07  Civilized Environment

08  Healthy Interior Environment

09  Biophilic Environment


   MATERIALS "Endorsing Products that are Safe for All Species Through Time"

10  Red List

11  Embodied Carbon Footprint

12  Responsible Industry

13  Living Economy Sourcing

14  Net Positive Waste

  EQUITY "Supporting a Just, Equitable World"

15  Human Scale and Humane Places

16  Universal Access to Nature & Place

17  Equitable Investment

18  Just Organizations


TY "Celebrating Design that Uplifts the Human Spirit"

19  Beauty & Spirit

20  Inspiration & Education


Living Building Challenge   3.0