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Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) v4


LT C1  LEED for Neighborhood Development Location (up to 16 points)

LT C2  Sensitive Land Protection (1 point)

LT C3  High Priority Site (up to 2 points)

LT C4  Surrounding Density and Diverse Uses (up to 5 points)

LT C5  Access to Quality Transit (up to 5 points)

LT C6  Bicycle Facilities (1 point)

LT C7  Reduced Parking Footprint (1 point)

LT C8  Green Vehicles (1 point)


SS P1  Construction Activity Pollution Prevention (Required)

SS C1  Site Assessment (1 point)

SS C2  Site Development – Protect or Restore Habitat (up to 2 points)

SS C3  Open Space (1 point)

SS C4  Rainwater Management (up to 3 points)

SS C5  Heat Island Reduction (up to 2 points)

SS C6  Light Pollution Reduction (1 point)


WE P1  Outdoor Water Use Reduction (Required)

WE P2  Indoor Water Use Reduction (Required)

WE P3  Building-Level Water Metering (Required)

WE C1  Outdoor Water Use Reduction (up to 2 points)

WE C2  Indoor Water Use Reduction (up to 6 points)

WE C3  Cooling Tower Water Use (up to 2 points)

WE C4  Water Metering (1 point)


EA P1  Fundamental Commissioning and Verification (Required)

EA P2  Minimum Energy Performance (Required)

EA P3  Building-Level Energy Metering (Required)

EA P4  Fundamental Refrigerant Management (Required)

EA C1  Enhanced Commissioning (up to 6 points)

EA C2  Optimize Energy Performance (up to 18 points)

EA C3  Advanced Energy Metering (1 point)

EA C4  Demand Response (up to 2 points)

EA C5  Renewable Energy Production (up to 3 points)

EA C6  Enhanced Refrigerant Management (1 point)

EA C7  Green Power and Carbon Offsets (up to 2 points)


MR P1  Storage and Collection of Recyclables (Required)

MR P2  Construction and Demolition Waste Management Planning (Required)

MR C1  Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction (up to 5 points)

MR C2  Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – Environmental Product Declarations (up to 2 points)

MR C3  Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – Sourcing of Raw Materials (up to 2 points)

MR C4  Building Product Disclosure and Optimization Material Ingredients (up to 2 points)

MR C5  Construction and Demolition Waste Management (up to 2 points)


EQ P1  Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance (Required)

EQ P2  Environmental Tobacco Smoke Control (Required)

EQ C1  Enhanced Indoor Air Quality Strategies (up to 2 points)

EQ C2  Low-Emitting Materials (up to 3 points)

EQ C3  Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan (1 point)

EQ C4  Indoor Air Quality Assessment (up to 2 points)

EQ C5  Thermal Comfort (1 point)

EQ C6  Interior Lighting (up to 2 points)

EQ C7  Daylight (up to 3 points)

EQ C8  Quality Views (1 point)

EQ C9  Acoustic Performance (1 point)


IN C1  Innovation (up to 5 points)

IN C2  LEED Accredited Professional (1 point)

REGIONAL PRIORITY (up to 4 points)