Adam J. Trott, Architect

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Erie, Pennsylvania  16501

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Client: Mercer County Housing Authority

Landay & Patterson Apartments, Farrell, PA  16121

36 1-2 Story Units - 32, 902 Total Square Feet

Spring 2017

This project involved exterior and HVAC renovations to a total of 36 Existing 1-story and 2-story townhouse units in 7 buildings at 2 separate sites in Farrell, PA  called "Patterson Place" and "Landay Apartments". The Patterson Place site involved 14 units in 3 buildings. The Landay Apartments site involved 22 units in 4 buildings. Exterior Renovations included roofing, siding, windows, doors and screen doors. HVAC renovations involved removing existing furnace and thruwall A/C units, and replacing them with forced air furnaces that have central A/C systems.

Mercer County Housing Authority Patterson & Landay Apartments