SafeNet Inc. TLC Addition

Client: SafeNet Inc.

Inner City Erie, PA

1,330 Square Feet Addition to result in 
         a 9,090 Square Feet Consolidated Facility 

Fall 2011

Mr. Trott was "Architect of Record" for this project, and designed and managed it while a partner at Thomas J. Freeman Architect PC.

This project provided a 3-story connection to 2 separate house structures used by the SafeNet Transitional Living Center program to help young mothers and their children that are victims of domestic abuse.

The design brings linkage and daylight on all 3 levels of the complex, while maintaining a tasteful exterior. The connector includes lounge spaces mingled with the new stairs that allow the residents to enjoy both daylight and views to the outdoors in a secured environment. The interiors include a collaboration of light blue, brown, and green tones to maintain a calm and therapeutic atmosphere for the residents. The addition creates a single, joined facility where 2 separate facilities existed. The work further provides common space access to the joined basement mechanical areas that were previously not linked and were awkward to access separately from private resident spaces on the first floor.

Adam J. Trott, Architect

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